Welcome one and all to Ron & Allison’s home on the Internet!
How appropriate you visit us here, as this is exactly how we met!
You’ll find pictures and fun stuff just a mouse click away.
So thank you for coming – you simply made our day!

Yes, it’s true! We’re getting married real soon and this is the place where you can find relevant information on the wedding. But feel free to come back and visit, as we’ll update this site with photos and other fun stuff.


  • 7/1/03: Honeymoon Photos!
  • 6/8/03: We got married...
  • 2/25/03: New photos, important hotel information
  • 1/29/03: We've got our own web site! Look at our pictures!
  • 8/24/2002: Ron proposes to Allison



(This site is a blatant copy of Ron's friend Alex's wedding site, alexandlisa.com, which is a shameless ripoff of Alex's brother and sister-in-law's site, haroldandnancy.com. "Sincerest form of flattery, etc..")